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jack - Mr april

Rescued:        April 2017

I feel so sick.  Why do these people keep touching me and sticking things in me?   I just want to lay still so my tummy will stop hurting, but it never does.  Where is my mama?  I want my mama.

Jack was just about 10 weeks old when Parvo attacked him.  His owners had picked him up from a breeder less than a week before.  Unable to afford the expensive treatment and wanting to give him a chance to live, they surrendered Jack to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.

Parvo is a terrible disease that shows no mercy.  Young dogs, especially puppies, are most vulnerable. There is no cure.  All that can be done is treat the symptoms which include fever, vomiting, and severe diarrhea.  Because the disease is so contagious, the vet hospital must take every precaution; keeping the dog isolated, wearing gloves and gowns and maintaining a 24-hour watch.  Treatment can run into the thousands of dollars, with only a 50 percent survival rate at best.  The saddest part?  The disease is preventable with just a simple, inexpensive vaccination.

Jack was one of the lucky ones.  He was brought to VetMed Consultants as soon as he showed symptoms of the disease, and he was given the very best of medical care and love.  It was touch and go at times, but Jack proved to be a fighter, somehow knowing that lots of people were praying for him.  

After 10 long days, Jack left the hospital.  He weighed no more than a small kitten and was still very weak, but his spirit was strong.  After a few days of rest and TLC with his foster mom and dad, Jack's Golden puppy personality was beginning to come alive and he was ready for his new forever family and the next big adventure of his life.

July 2017

Hi!  Iím Jack!  I canít stay long but Mom says I need to thank the people at Arizona Golden Retriever Connection for asking me to be Mr. April in their 2018 calendar. You see, I got very sick and I guess I almost crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  But the nice people at Arizona Golden Retriever Connection got me to the hospital and then a lot of people sent prayers and also helped pay my doctorís bill.  Finally, I got better, but I was still pretty small when I came to live with Mom, Dad, my two big sisters and my canine siblings, Junie, Bowen and Puppy. They were all very gentle with me and gave me lots of love, and made me take my medicine.  Even my older canine brothers were nice to me. 

Now Iím all better and getting bigger and stronger and having so much FUN!  Mom says I am a delight and has made a wonderful addition to the family.  That is so nice of her because last week I ate Dadís eye glasses.  But he really looks better without them.  I tried to tell him that but I donít think he was happy with me.  My big brothers are LOTS older than me, but they are fun to wrestle with. Even Junie, who is old too, will sometimes play with me.  The problem is they blame me for everything that happens around here.  I guess that comes with being the youngest.

Not too long ago, I learned how to walk in water!  Itís called swimming and itís great!  Of course, I had to learn some rules, like knowing how to properly get out of the pool and to wait to be dried before going in the house (Thatís a hard one).  But itís all worth it because I love to splash around when itís hot outside.  I have a nice big yard to play in with lots of grass and trees.  Just like in the pool, I had to learn some rules about playing in the yard.  Iím not supposed to dig holes, bark too much and definitely not eat the funny little tree Dad planted.  How was I to know it wasnít some new kind of stick?!  

Oh yeah, there are also rules about behaving in the house, and I am really trying to remember them all. But Mom and Dad have a lot of patience and donít mind going over them with me, like a thousand times a day!   Thatís okay, they tell me they will always love me no matter what.  I am one lucky dog, and someday I will make then very proud of me.  Oops!   I canít talk anymore because I have to go outside and potty.   That is one rule Mom tells me I WILL NOT forget!    

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