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Sophie - Miss august

Rescued:        January 2014

I donít know why I had to leave my home. I think the lady who owned me thought I was a good dog, but she said she couldnít take care of me anymore. I wonder what happened to the other animals I shared the house with?  Did they have to find new homes, too?  I miss them. 

Iím scared a lot at my new house.   My new owner says Iím stubborn and not warm and fuzzy, whatever that means. Maybe itís because I donít like the little swinging door that lets me outside, or maybe because I am afraid to go on walks with other dogs.   My new owner sent me away for what seemed like a long time to learn how to behave better.  It didnít help because I only got more scared.  I try to be quiet and stay out of the way, but when I get stuck outside I donít know how to come back in without barking.  Sometimes I pottied inside and I was so embarrassed, but I was scared of the swinging door!   I donít think my new owner likes me very much.  

Moving to a new house is considered a major life change for us humans and usually causes a lot of stress.  Imagine making that move without any family or friends to support you and then imagine you canít speak so you have to hope those around you understand how you feel.  To make it even worse, pretend you have absolutely no control of where you are or who you are with.  Scary, isnít it?   That was most likely how Sophie felt when she was moved from the home of her elderly owner to her new owner.  Sophieís surroundings were all changed and most importantly, the expectations her owner had of her were very different from what she had known before. 

When Sophie first came to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection, she was scared, confused and not sure what was expected of her.  However, within a few days of patience, love and understanding from her foster mom, Sophieís Golden spirit started to come out of hiding.  And then something really wonderful happened.

Today I met this very nice man who really seemed to like me!  He took me to his house and I met a nice lady and another dog named Goose.  He didnít have as much hair as me and was a different color, but he was very friendly and he seemed to like me too!  We went on a walk together and I wasnít scared at all.  The man and lady kept telling me I was a very good dog and I was so pleased that I could show them some of the things I learned when I was in training school. Then the man showed me one of those swinging doors, but this time I wasnít so scared.  He made it seem easy and kept telling me what a good dog I was.  He told me I was a sweetheart!  Imagine that!   

Mike and his wife had fostered a number of Golden Retrievers for Arizona Golden Retriever Connection over the years, but this time they were looking to adopt.  They went to meet Sophie at her foster home and it was love at first sight. 

July 2017

My dad just told me that Iím going to be Miss August in the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection 2018 Calendar!  I am very excited because I get to share a little about my life today.

First of all, I must tell you about the wonderful magic box I discovered when I first came to live with Mom, Dad, and Goose.  There are marvelous things called tennis balls and I can play with them as much as I want!   There seems to be a never-ending supply!  Besides tennis balls, I love going for hikes, wading in water (rivers, lakes, even the ocean), brushes, and of course belly rubs!  Lots and lots of belly rubs!

For a while we lived in a place called Seattle and a lot of water kept falling from the sky.  I didnít like that, so Mom and Dad got me a raincoat when I had to go outside.  They are so nice to me and always make me feel important!

Just this summer we moved back to the desert.  Itís much hotter here and I do miss the ocean and rivers, but Mom and Dad will make sure I still get to visit them so itís okay.   We did have some sad times when Goose went across the Rainbow Bridge and I missed him but Mom and Dad were always there to make me feel better.  Then we got a baby brother named Smokey and he is lots of fun to play with.  He kind of looks like Goose, so maybe Goose sent him to me so I would have a brother to play with again.  I like to think so.

Itís funny, a lot has changed in my life since coming to live with my mom and dad, and things continue to change, but I donít get scared anymore.  I guess itís because I know my Mom and Dad will always be there to love and protect me.

Dad said that I taught him and Mom that even a troubled, unhappy dog can learn to be a best friend with just some attention, patience and kindness, and if they had passed me over because of my behavior issues, they wouldnít have their wonderful Sophie!  Dad says the nicest things!


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