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Blizzard - Mr December

Rescued:        October 2016

I wonder where Iíll find food today.  Itís always a guess and sometimes I donít find anything.  Those days are the hardest.   I stay in this park a lot because I can find shelter when it rains.  Unless someone comes and chases me away.  Sometimes a human will throw me something to eat.  Itís not always the best, but I donít complain.   Itís not easy living on your own, but itís still better than living in a cage. 

There are few young Golden Retrievers wandering the city streets and countryside of Taiwan.  Most of the dogs are between the ages of seven and ten years old.  They are considered expendable because they now have some kind of imperfection that their previous owner could not be bothered with.  Itís much easier to go out and buy a newer, healthier version. 

Most likely, Blizzard spent a lot of his younger life in a kennel used for breeding purposes.  Itís doubtful that he ever experienced life as a household pet.  When no longer useful, he was placed on the streets.  Fortunately for Blizzard, a caring rescue group felt he deserved a better life.

Itís so nice to have a meal I can depend on.  And itís even nicer to have a safe, comfortable place to sleep each night.  I donít know how long I will be able to stay with my rescue angels, but Iíll enjoy every minute and try to be sure they know I love them.

Susan and her husband had moved to Arizona a number of years previous, but circumstances were not right to adopt a dog of their own, even though they had owned and loved numerous dogs when living in Pennsylvania.  Now widowed, and no longer taking care of her sonís Golden, Susan was finally ready to welcome another dog into her life.

When my rescue angels said good-bye to me, they promised I was going to a place better than I had ever known before.  It sure didnít feel that way!   I was in a cage for ever so long and then I was in a place where all the sights and sounds and smells were so different!   Then there were some nice ladies who again promised I would soon be in a wonderful place.  How can they be sure? Everything is so different!

Blizzard arrived in the United States in October 2016, along with five other senior Goldens.  Volunteers with Arizona Golden Retriever Connection were at the Los Angeles International Airport waiting to drive them to Arizona and their forever families.  Blizzard didnít know it yet, but his happiest days were about to begin.  

July 2017

My mom says that pretty soon I will have been officially with her a whole year, and she says Iím the best buddy she could ever have!   I donít know about that, but I do know I love her more than anything!  Life with Mom is the BEST! 

I have a big house that I share with Mom and we have lots of nice people who live in the houses around house.  They welcomed me to the neighborhood and were happy that Mom now had a companion as handsome as me!   Some of our neighbors have dogs and they have become my friends, too! 

When Momís grandchildren come to visit, they give me all kinds of hugs and pets. They say I am so soft and cuddly!  Mom says Iím like a shaggy lion.   Iím not sure what a shaggy lion is, but it makes her brush my coat every day so I love it!  And lots of times, after I get brushed, Mom puts lotion on my pads to keep them soft.  Imagine that!   An old street dog like me and she worries my paws will get too rough!  I hope she knows how much I love her!

Best of all, I like patrolling my back yard to make sure it is safe for mom and me.  I watch for cats, birds, and lizards.  They are fast, but sometimes Iím faster!  Mom doesnít seem too happy when I catch one so I usually just scare them away.

But if they get too close, well I canít ALWAYS be on my best behavior!

When Iím finished patrolling my yard, I like to settle down and play with my toys. My favorites are a blue dinosaur and an orange and yellow snake.  They both make squeaky noises when I squeeze them with my teeth! Itís so much fun.  When itís cool outside, Mom tosses a ball for me and I am very good at catching it!  She also takes me for walks in our neighborhoods and gives me special treats.  Like when itís hot outside, I get my very own bowl of ice cubes!

Sometimes, when I settle down to sleep at night, right next to Momís bed, I think about what my rescue angels said to me.  They promised I would be journeying to a wonderful place.  I wonder if they knew just how wonderful it would be!


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