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charli & mcgee
Miss & Mr february

Rescued:        February 2016 (Charli)
Rescued:        February 2014 (McGee)

February 2014

I try to be a good dog, but itís so hard to stay still and quiet!  I donít like the chain I have to stay on outside because I canít go very far and I get tangled up.  When I come inside, Iím in a cage.  My humans donít seem to like me very much.  They used to play with me when I was real small but now Iím big and I guess Iím not much fun.  Maybe if I try to be real still they will like me better.  Maybe.

February 2016

I hurt so bad.  Itís hard to walk.  I just canít keep up with my humans, especially the little ones.  They donít mean to, but when they play with me, I hurt even more. Maybe thatís why I am being sent away.

McGee came to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection (AZGRC) in February 2014 when he was a 15-month-old pup.  As so often happens, the family did not understand that a cute Golden 10-pound puppy changes to a very large dog, and without lots of patience and attention, becomes a tornado on four paws.  The pup is then surrendered to a rescue group because his family ďdoesnít have the timeĒ for him. When that happens, it can be very difficult time finding just the right home for an untrained, young male Golden Retriever.  Luckily, long time AZGRC foster and adopters, Janet and Tom, were ready to take on a young dog. McGee would be perfect for them!

I used to think my name might be NoGee. Mom says I am very headstrong, with a stubborn streak a mile long, whatever that means. But I donĎt think itís bad because Mom says she loves me a lot and is always giving me kisses and hugs.  She calls me a five-year-old puppy and hopes I never change. Both Mom and Dad take me for long walks and each day I go to work for about 10 minutes.  That doesnít sound long, but itís VERY important work.  I have to retrieve the newspaper because itís always left at the end of the yard.  Rain or shine, I go out and bring it in the house for Mom and Dad.  I get paid one cookie. Itís not much pay, but the benefits are great!  I get LOTS of kisses, hugs and belly rubs. 

Two years later after McGee was adopted, Arizona Golden Retriever Connection, once again reached out to Janet and Tom.  This time a four-year-old Golden girl with severe hip dysplasia needed a loving home that could see her through hip surgery.  Charli was in lots of pain and had difficulty standing and walking.  Her previous owners could not afford the needed surgery and were concerned their two small children would hurt Charli.  They had reached out to AZGRC in hopes that Charli could have the surgery and find a wonderful family to love her. 

 I think I might like it here.  My foster mom and dad are very nice and they have two dogs who look something like me.  The older dog is named Chester and the other one is McGee and he is a little younger than me.  Chester is pretty mellow but I might have to teach this McGee dog how to act around a lady.  He is very active and I heard my foster mom say he is headstrong.  Although I must admit, he is kind of cute. 

Charliís hip surgery, while painful, was a success and Charli was able to walk without as much pain.  Through all her doctor visits and physical therapy, Janet and Tom were always there to help and encourage Charli.  They both knew Charli would always have some level of pain and would need special care throughout her life.  That did not stop them from making Charli a permanent part of their family.

July 2017

Itís me, Charli!  A lot has happened since I came to live with Mom and Dad.  First of all, I went to a hospital and the doctor did something to my hip so I could walk without hurting so much. It was called FHO Surgery. It took a long, long time to feel better.  But then I had to go back to the hospital because I had a thing called a mammary tumor and the doctor had to take it off.  THEN, just when I was feeling well again, I got an infection in my leg and I had ANOTHER surgery!  Through it all, I am so very glad I had Mom and Dad to give me lots of love, care and encouragement.   Mom says Iím such an Angel, but she and Dad are my angels.  I had to get better because I sure didnít want them to feel sad.  I love them both so much.  (Well, maybe Mom just a little more.)

The best news is that we moved to a place called Prescott and there are lots of green trees and places to go for walks.  Sometimes it gets really cold here and then white stuff comes out of the sky.  Thatís LOTS of fun because it is so cool to roll in, like frozen water!  McGee likes Dad to make balls out of the white stuff and then he chases them.  He is so crazy!  Donít tell him, but I really love him a lot, and he is so much fun to tease.  Since Chester crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I became the older sibling and so McGee looks up to me for guidance.  At least I like to think he does.

As for me, I am doing so much better!  I take lots of walks to keep in shape and play tug with McGee.  Sometimes, I even let him win! I have my special toys to cuddle with and my own bed to sleep in.  (But I prefer the spot right between Mom and Dad!)   

Next year, McGee and I are going to be featured in the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection 2018 Calendar.  We will be Miss and Mr. February!   When you look at my picture, youíll notice I have a neon green streak of color on the top of my head.  Mom calls is my Mohawk and I love when she colors it.  I am such a gorgeous babe!  Of course, McGee likes to remind me he is Momís little treasure.  Thatís okay cause Iím her angel!

Janet and Tom have fostered and adopted many Goldens over the years.  They are that unique and very special adopter family who are looking for not a perfect Golden Retriever, but rather a Golden Retriever that is perfect for them.  One that needs lots of love, understanding and patience.  To Janet and Tom, in spite of all her surgeries and special care, Charli is the definition of unconditional love and a true angel. McGee, in spite of is youthful exuberance, really is a treasure worth holding on to. 


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