2018 AZGRC Calendar

nick - Mr. January

Rescued:        January 2017

I think I will die here.  Nobody wants me anymore.  I hurt so much. I canít see or hear whatís around me, but I do smell fear and sadness.  Maybe itís for the best.  After all, whoís going to help an old, sick dog?

In October 2015 Nick was saved from certain death by a Golden Retriever rescue group in Taipei, Taiwan.   At the time of his rescue, Nick had heartworm and was very thin.  He had terrible hips and a bone spur on his spine.  X-rays revealed his left hip had been broken at one time.  After years of terrible neglect, his dry eyes had deteriorated to blindness and his many ear infections had reduced his hearing to a step above total deafness.  If this was not enough, Nick required surgeries to remove a lump on his backside and to remove his spleen.  Miraculously, Nick recovered from his surgeries and even with all his disabilities, Nickís rescuers were hopeful they could find him a forever home. 

In 2015, Arizona Golden Retriever Connection (AZGRC) began a partnership with a Taiwan rescue to re-home to Arizona mature and senior Golden Retrievers.  In early January 2017, the group contacted AZGRC asking if they could send to the U.S. five mature Golden Retrievers.  This would be the seventh group of Goldens to come to Arizona, and Nick was to be one of them.

Sue and Troy, long-time adopters of AZGRC, had recently crossed their beautiful Annie Marie over the Rainbow Bridge.  Although their hearts were still hurting, Sue and Troy never hesitated when asked if they would foster Nick.  They had made a promise to Annie Marie that they would give another senior dog a loving forever home. On January 21, Sue, along with six other volunteers from AZGRC, was at Los Angeles International Airport to welcome Nick and his fellow travelers to the United States.

Nothing smells the same or tastes the same.  I canít see or hear but I do feel someone petting me and she seems very nice.   I try to lay down but Iím so confused!  Then the same lady who was petting me, lays down by me and holds me close.  It is so nice to feel her next to me. I am safe now and I can sleep.

After a few days with a foster family, Nick moved in with Sue and Troy.  Even without sight or hearing, it didnít take Nick long to recognize his new mom and dad to know he had finally come home to stay.

July 2017

Iíve been with Mama and Papa for five months now and they tell me that I am a real survivor, considering all my medical challenges. Iím not sure what that means.  What I do know is that I am happier than I have been in forever!  Even though I canít see or hear very well (okay, not much at all!) I can get around my new house just fine.  When Mama and Papa want me to pay attention, they clap their hands very loud and I come to them right away.  (Well, most times I come right away.  Mama says I have selective hearing!)  Of course, if there is food involved Iím right there to help out! Nothing wrong with my nose!   I love having toast with Papa in the morning, and if Mama is there, I get a thing called an English Muffin with peanut butter and jelly!  I canít decide if I like it better than ice cream.  It is a tough choice.  Luckily, I get both! The food room is the second-best place in the house!  The first is my bed next to Mama.

Besides eating and sleeping and being loved on, I get to take Mama and Papa for walks.  I lead them on a thing called a leash.  That way I can be sure they stay close by. Papa calls me Admiral Nick.  I think itís because I like to take charge and choose the route we will walk. I may not be able to see like I used to, but I know where I want to go for my walks!

 Even though I am a senior Golden (I guess Iím a couple hundred years old), I do have a part-time job.  Well, itís only one day a week, and only when itís cool outside, but itís important to stay active at my age! I work at a place called a Farmers Market where Papa and Mama sell things.  Mama says they are crystals, salt lamps and stained glass that Papa makes.  My job is to smile and welcome people who come to visit us. Mama says I do a very good job, and I get paid in all kinds of treats and pets.  What could be better!

Sometimes I have aches and pains, especially in my hips, but Mama and Papa make sure I get whatís called acupuncture treatments.   They relax me, take away some of the pain and give me another excuse to take a little snooze!  

Although I canít hear all the words they say, Mama and Papa are always talking to me and I know itís to let me know they love me.  I wag my tail and smile a lot so they know I love them back.  Mama says I am so AMAZING and am a very loving, kind and happy Golden boy.  Of course, I am, I have the BEST Mama and Papa in the whole world!   I think I might just live forever!

According to Sue and Troy, ďNick has shown us the true meaning of ďOld GoldĒ.  Despite all his disabilities Nick has given us a sense of purpose for which we are both grateful for. That is to give senior Goldens a home they can feel safe, be loved, and live their remaining years in peace and happiness.Ē 

Annie Marie and her brothers are smiling from across the Rainbow Bridge.

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