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sally - Miss july

Rescued:        May 2016

I am so sick.  My ears hurt and my skin itches all the time.  My hair is gone.  No one wants me and I donít even care anymore. 

Sally was a Taiwanese street dog.  How it happened will never be known.  Sally could have escaped from an abusive or neglected owner.  She could have been one of hundreds of breeder dogs who, once they reach a certain age, are abandoned by their owners.  Or she might have gotten lost one day and no one bothered to try and find her.  Sally may have been on the streets for days, or for weeks.  Months is not likely.  She would not have survived that long.

Street dogs, often sick or dying, are a common sight in many cities and countries around the world. Fortunately, attitudes are changing and there is a growing awareness of, and compassion for, these abandoned dogs.  Animal rescue groups are growing and more dogs are being saved. 

Now when someone reaches for me, I donít have to be afraid.  The touch is gentle and the words are kind. I forgot what it was like to have good food and fresh water.  I never seem to get enough.  My skin is getting better, my hair is growing, and my ears donít hurt so much.  There are lots of dogs like me living here.  The nice people tell us that we will someday have a home where the humans will love us forever.  I wonder what that would be like. I donít think itís true.

For the past two years, Arizona Golden Retriever Connection has partnered with a rescue group in Taiwan, welcoming to the United States over thirty mature and senior Taiwanese Goldens.  In May, 2016, Sally was one of these Goldens.   

July 2017

Iíve been in my forever home for a year now and so much has changed in my life!  I have a mom and dad who love me and two cat brothers who tolerate me.  (Actually, I think they really love me but just wonít say so!)  I donít worry anymore that the food will disappear so Iíve learned to eat more slowly and not to steal food from the kitchen counter. Iíve stopped hoarding toys, beds and even water bowls. Iíve learned sharing with my cat brothers can be nice. It also makes Mom and Dad happy and thatís important!

Besides learning a lot, I also taught Mom and Dad a few things.  When I put my paw on Mom or Dad when they are sleeping, they know to wake up and let me go outside for a quick potty break.  I reward them with a wag of my tail and a smile.  Works every time! 

Mom and Dad also learned that it was okay when I sometimes needed to just be by myself. I think itís from the time when I didnít have anyone to love or take care of me.  When that happens, Mom and Dad are now okay with me sleeping in the laundry room because they know I always come when they call.  I also have a really nice back yard and I like to sleep on the patio when the weather is cool.  At first Mom and Dad didnít like when I stayed outside.  Not because they didnít want me on the patio, but because they worried about me.  So, they got me a very nice bed just for patio sleeping. Imagine that?  I never had anyone worry about me and you know, itís kind of wonderful.

Our house is next to a big park and a mountain, so every morning right after breakfast, sometimes before the sun is all the way up, Mom and Dad take me on a long walk. We see coyotes and rabbits and quail. Itís a lot of fun and Iíve gotten to know all the other early morning walkers and their dogs. I used to bark and bear my teeth and get very agitated when I saw the other dogs, but now I greet all my new friends with a wag of my tail and some friendly sniffs. I never growl or bark anymore.  Itís much nicer to just say hello.

But the very best part comes AFTER the walk. I come into my house and go right to the back door, where I sit patiently waiting for my parents to open the door and head out to the swimming pool.  (Yes, I have my own swimming pool!)

My favorite post-walk activity, especially in the summer, is to sit on the top step of my pool. I have two favorite toys and my family will throw them around the pool for me. I just love to chase them and swim back to the step and I can do this over and over and over and over and over and over again!  Or until Mom and Dad say enough!

When itís time to get out of the pool, I learned how to sit and be dried off, paw by paw, before going back in the house. Then I get a nice treat.  My cat brothers love to sit next to me when I come in from the pool.  While Iím I still a damp, they snuggle up against me and roll and rub and sit as close to me as they can.   They are silly but what can you expect from cats?!

Since I arrived in the U.S. not understanding any English, my parents would leave the TV on me when they left for work.  I watched lots of CNN last year and as a result I am the most informed dog in town and can tell everyone about the recent presidential election and all the debates and each candidate.   I also have a nice big bed close to the front door and Iíve made it my job to keep Mom and Dad updated on our neighborsí comings and goings.

When I first came to live with Mom and Dad, I was scared and anxious. But Mom and Dad were so patient and kind and I slowly started to change.  Iím not sure how or when it happened, but one day I suddenly realized what it meant to be truly loved. Then I knew I was really home.

Now, on cool nights, I ask to go out for a few hours and enjoy dozing under the moonlight, knowing inside are two people and yes, two cats who love me very much.  This is my heaven and I know I will be here forever.

Debbie and Scott, Sallyís parents, are long-time Arizona Golden Retriever Connection adopters.  They understand the subtle, but so important difference between adopting a dog and rescuing a dog. They gave an anxious, frightened and sometimes antagonistic street dog a chance to heal, and a chance to become part of a family.   They recognize Sally will still have an anxious day or two, but thatís okay because she has become their lovable and well-behaved Golden girl. The best dog ever!


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