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KHO KHO - Mr June

Rescued:        January 2016

I have to keep moving.  Canít stop for anything.  Something bad will happen.  I used to live in a cage but itís gone now.  I didnít like it, but it was safe.  Iím not safe now. Must keep moving.  Donít stop.  Donít ever stop.

In September, 2015 Kho Kho was found in a mountain wilderness in Taiwan, another victim of owner abandonment.   When rescued, Kho Kho was very thin, heartworm positive and had what appeared to be a burn scar across his back. 

These humans are very kind to me. I donít have to find my own food anymore and the humans have given me medicine to feel better.  Maybe Iíll be safe now.   

In January 2016, Kho Kho was well enough to begin his journey to the United States, where he would find his forever home with the help of Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.  However, the journey to that forever home would be a little bumpier than anyone anticipated.

Just when I was getting settled, I was sent away again.  This time, when I left the crate, everything was different.  I was in a strange world and I didnít know anyone.  Nothing looked the same or smelled the same, or even tasted the same.  No matter how I tried, I just couldnít fit in.  There were rules I didnít understand and things I should and shouldnít do.  I felt best when I was at the kennel where there were other dogs.  I guess thatís where I felt the safest, so the nice people in the strange new world let me stay at the kennel. 

Most of the rescued Taiwan Goldens had little to no trouble adjusting to new families and surroundings.  Kho Kho was the exception.  He literally could not stay still and he had to have something in his mouth at all times.  He was not house trained and was too nervous to even attempt to get him to focus. He was the calmest when at the animal hospital/boarding facility in which he stayed for the first month in Phoenix.   His rescue angels prayed for the right family to give Kho Kho the love, attention and patience he so desperately needed to cope with all the changes in his life.

One day a man and a lady came to visit me.  When they took me out of the kennel, they were surprised that I just couldnít stop running around.  I couldnít get anyone to understand if you didnít move you could get hurt.  The man and lady went away, but they came back and this time took me to their house.  I was so scared I tried to chew my way out of the car. When they took me back to the kennel I thought for sure they would not want to see me again.  But I was wrong.  They kept coming back and after a while they convinced me that I could sit still and nothing bad would happen.  In fact, when I sat still I got treats and even hugs! 

Then I started to pay attention to what the man and lady were trying to tell me and I figured out they expected me to walk nicely without yanking on the leash, to sit and to lie down when asked.  I had to learn that the large crate in their house was a safe place and not going to hurt me.  The hardest thing of all to learn in this new world is that I canít go potty when and wherever I want.  There are definite rules about that!  After a while, I started to feel that the man and lady were my very own family, kind of like a mom and dad.  Itís so very strange, but I think they love me as much as I love them.  They even promised that I would never have to leave them!

Bob and Barb had been recently lost their Golden and were looking at adopting a new puppy.  While spending their winter in Arizona, they decided they would like to possibly foster a Golden Retriever until their return to their home back East, where a new puppy awaited them.   After spending time with Kho Kho, they knew this was a Golden very much in need of understanding and love.  It didnít take too long before it became apparent Kho Kho had found not a foster home, but a home that would be his forever.

March 2017

Today, I am no longer afraid to sit still.  In fact, one of my favorite things to do is taking a ride with Dad to Starbucks.  Dad sits and enjoys his coffee while I lay next to him, greeting people or just enjoying the sunshine. I even remembered not to potty on the sidewalk!  I get to swim in Mom and Dadís pool and I love going on hikes with them.  Last summer I took another long trip to a place called Ohio.  Itís where Mom and Dad used to live and itís much cooler there when itís hot in Arizona.  This time, I wasnít scared because even though it was another change, Mom and Dad were my constant and my guiding stars.  I knew I would always be safe because Iíd be with those who loved me.

 Mom says that we were brought together at the exact time when we were both in need. You see, at the time I came into Mom and Dad lives, their dog, Cooper, had just crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  I like to believe that Cooper knew I needed his Mom and Dad and he sent them to me.  We Goldens kind of stick together. Someday, I hope I will be able to help another of my kind learn about love and patience and trust.  And, oh yes, not to potty on the sidewalk outside Starbucks!


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