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audi - Mr march

Rescued:        June 2015

I am so tired and my ears and eyes hurt all the time and my skin itches.  I canít remember when I was given something to eat, or cleaned up, or given a pet.  I try to be good, but it doesnít help. 

When Audi was three years old, he was adopted from an animal rescue group in Taiwan.  What should have been a happy ending for Audi, turned into a living nightmare.  His new owner severely neglected Audi and then abandoned him to find his own way as a street dog.  Four years older, Audi was back in rescue.  The handsome young Golden was now a sickly, skinny eight-year-old dog, with dirty, matted hair and raging ear and eye infections.   The miracle was Audi still loved people, never letting his Golden spirit crumble, no matter how he looked on the outside.  

Iím not sure where I am.  Everything is so different from what I am used to.  But the nice ladies who took me in their car are very kind and promise that I will be going to a wonderful new home.  I want to believe them, but itís hard. 

Audi became a family member of Arizona Golden Retriever Connection in June 2015 when he and six other Goldens arrived from Taiwan.   Audiís hair had been so matted when he was rescued in Taiwan, that all of it had to be shaved.  He was very thin and still battling severe infections in both ears.  None of that mattered to Audiís two new dads.

Well, the promise that was made by the nice ladies turned out to be all my dreams come true!  After I got to my new home, my dads took me to some doctors who operated on my ears.  Afterwards, I felt great, and I donít really know much difference with having one good ear. I can still hear a banana being peeled from the other side of the room!  I have been eating so much good food that I am now on a diet. I really like green beans, carrots and salmon with sweet potatoes!

My two dads are the best ever and I love them so very much!  My house is in the country and sometimes I go for a walk with my Golden girlfriend Dixie from down the lane. She wanders up from her "ranch" to come visit me. We play with all of my toys, have cookies and play some more. Then we go visit Independence, the miniature horse, and his sidekick, Rufus, the black llama. Life here in the country is so different than hiding in the streets in Taiwan.

My dads know that I love to play with toys so they make sure I have lots of them!  They take me for long walks in the country and tell me I am such a smart and good dog!  I have plenty of food to eat and my hair has come back.  Now itís soft, shiny and very thick!  But what makes me so happy is that I know my dads loved me even when I was skinny, hairless, and not as handsome as I am now.   I know whatever happens, Iíll always be with them, safe and much loved.  Thatís the best thing ever!

Sadly, Audi crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years after coming to the United States. His dads remember him as ďthe courageous intrepid traveler, crossing an ocean to spend the last and best part of his life with us in the Hill Country of Texas.  Audi learned English in 20 minutes and overcame the effects of an incurable ear infection.  A handsome, happy soul from morning to night, glued to us, always close by, with the ever whomping tail. He eagerly greeted the routine of everyday events with such zeal. 

Audi had a significant impact on the lives of his two dads.  In Mikeís words, ďAudi came to us in such great need, very much a sick and skinny fellow with a gigantic soul.  Such a wonderful calm and sweet disposition with a trusting soul.  Despite his illnesses, the ear ablation, the bone cancer, he always put his best effort forward to enjoy his day, knowing that he was safe, cared for and loved.  It was no burden for us at all to give him everything that he would ever need, and the comfort that he more than deserved.  A lesson to follow for all us humans: to enjoy the day and make the best of it.Ē


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