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dana myles - Miss may

Rescued:        May 2017

Iíve been waiting and waiting and no one comes to take me home.  Why was I left in the park?  Doesnít my family want me anymore?   What did I do wrong?  Iím hungry and Iím so scared.  Wonít someone help me?

In late March of 2017, Dana was found wandering in a park in Taipei, Taiwan.  Itís possible she got lost and could not find her way home, but most likely she was left in the park after being abandoned by her owner.  Had Dana not been rescued, she would have spent whatever remained of her life looking for food and shelter.  Eventually, injury or disease would have led to her early death.  But that was not to be Danaís fate.  The rescue angels were looking out for her.

The nice humans who took me away from the park have been very kind to me.  I wouldnít mind staying with them because I feel safe.   But it would be nice to have a family of my very own.  If I wish hard enough and am very good, maybe someday it will happen.  Maybe.  Some day.

In May, Arizona Golden Retriever Connection was arranging with Danaís rescue group in Taiwan to bring some senior Goldens to the United States.  Around the same time, Barbara, recently widowed, was setting up her new home in Sun City, adjusting to the changes brought on by the loss of her husband to cancer.  Her sister asked if she would perhaps like to foster a senior Golden Retriever coming to the United States from Taiwan. 

I just met the nicest lady. I have been traveling so far and she tells me that in just a little while we will get to her house.  She says I can stay with her.  I think I would like that.   Maybe, just maybe my wish is coming true.

July 2017

My wish did come true!  My foster mom and me decided we belonged with each other forever!  It was a very long journey, but I am finally, truly home! 

Mom calls me Dana Myles because I had to travel so very far (over 7,000 miles!) for us to find each other.  She tells me Iím the best dog she has ever had! I have toys that are my very own, a food and water dish just for me and a soft cushy bed thatís right by my momís bed.  I even have a yard with green grass to roll in and flowers and bushes I can investigate for birds.  My yard has a nice high wall and I donít have to worry about being lost ever again!

I have lots of friends and a really cool cousin named Eeyore.  Heís a rescue dog just like me!  I even got to stay for a week with him and my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Walt.  We had such fun, but I was happiest when Mom came home again.  I love being with her.  She is the best companion.  We go for walks together, take rides in the car and visit with friends.  I like the mornings the best because when itís nice outside we sit in our yard and I watch the birds while Mom drinks her coffee.   I guess Mom and me are enjoying our Golden years together and itís so wonderful!

The saying a ďmatch made in heavenĒ has never been truer than for Barbara and Dana Myles.   For them, lifeís changes have turned ďGoldenĒ.


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