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Arlene - Miss November

Rescued:        October 2016

I used to have a home.  I know I did.  I just donít know where it is.  Iím hungry and so tired of looking.   Wonít somebody help me?   Please?

Arlene was just another senior dog wandering the streets of Taipei, Taiwan.  At some point in her life, her owners thought enough to microchip her, but the information was not kept up to date so there was no one left to contact.  Without help, she would not last much longer.

A nice person is stopping to pet me.  I wonder if she can help me find where I belong?  Itís so nice to hear a kind and friendly voice.  Maybe she has something I can eat.

Arlene was rescued in July 2016.  She was very thin, and her coat was matted and patchy.  Although fairly healthy, except for some arthritis, Arlene was probably close to 10 years old.  Not a popular age for finding a forever home because very few families are interested in that senior of a dog.  But Arleneís rescue angels wanted this sweet girl to find a forever home so they appealed to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.   Their prayers were answered and in October, Arlene, along with five other hopeful, senior Goldens made the 7,000-mile journey to the United States.

It was a very long trip but I have settled into a wonderful place with my foster mom and three foster siblings, who look like me only a little bigger.  They are all nice to me and let me share their beds and donít mind when my foster mom gives me pets and cuddles.  Today I went to visit a man and lady who have a cat named Skittles.  Iím not sure what Skittles thought of me.  He was pretty stand-offish.  

I really liked the man and lady.  They were as nice as my foster mom and they took me for a walk and let me play in their yard.  It has lots and lots of grass and a nice tree and even a little pond.  I wonder if they would like a dog like me?  I sure hope so.  If they let me stay Iíll even make friends with the snooty cat.

Debbie and Dave had been surfing the internet looking at various dog rescue organizations. They came across the website for Arizona Golden Retriever Connection and learned how this group was bringing rescued Goldens from Taiwan and finding them forever homes in Arizona. Then they saw a photo of Arlene waiting to board the plane for the United States.  She just might be the one.  Of course, it would take the approval of their recently rescued cat, Skittles. 

July 2017

I am Mr. Skittles, Feline Lord of the Manor.  Last year my servants brought on another vassal named Arlene.  After a short interview, I allowed the beast to move in.  Arlene has been sufficiently subservient except I did have to discourage her snippiness when I inspected her food.   However, she is a quick learner, and overall Arlene has been an acceptable addition to our household. 

The servants are very pleased with her and she does love them a lot.   Because she is not able to climb up on the couch (sheís not as spry as me), I sometimes let her lay on my large floor mattress.  (For some reason, the servants think it belongs to Arlene!)  After all, I can be gracious when I want, and I do have the couch to myself as I need that space to stretch out.

One of my favorite games to play with Arlene is to lay in the open doorway while watching her pace back and forth, begging me to allow her to come in or out the doors! Donít worry, I only play the game for a short time.  And I must admit, Iíve become quite fond of my sis, I mean that dog.    

Sometimes the servants will leave and I will hang out with Arlene and reassure her that I sent them out for more treats and they will be back soon. On occasion, I'll even go out for treats but Arlene does not seem to enjoy feathers or scales.  She prefers to wait for treats from the servants.  Strange, but who can understand the mind of a dog!

Hi, itís me, Arlene.  Skittles has gone outside to look for his own ďspecialĒ treats.  He is such a cat!  Donít let his ďlord of the manorĒ fool you.  While he can be an annoying little brother, I do like his company, even if he is a cat.  And, he did let me come live with him and our mom and dad, who are the very best part of my life. 

Even though Skittles says itís his bed, I know Mom and Dad got it for me, along with my toys and all my special treats.   Whatís more, I get to go on rides with Mom and Dad while Skittles stays at home.  When we visit my grandma, I get even more hugs and kisses AND more treats.  Sometimes, Mom and Dad take me camping with them and that is so much fun!   There are so many new smells and sights to see, and I never worry that Iíll get left behind.  I know Mom and Dad are always watching out for me.

For such a long time, I wasnít sure if Iíd ever find where I belonged.  It took a good part of my life, but I know I am now truly home forever!  Iím so glad that my parents used the internet thing and found me when I needed them most!  


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