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jessie - Miss October

Rescued:        June 2016

I thought we could keep on running, but then we got caught, my friend and me.  Now I don’t know what will happen.  There are so many dogs here and the humans are taking me away from my friend. What will happen to him?  What will happen to me?  I am so scared.

When Jessie was rescued from the local shelter, she was a very frightened little two-year-old Golden.  As with most rescues coming from the shelter, little is known about Jessie’s early life, especially what she may have experienced as a puppy.   At the time of her rescue, the shelter did know that Jessie’s owners had purchased her to be a breeder dog, but Jessie had run away and her owners did not want to pay the fees to have her released back to them.   The Arizona Golden Retriever Connection rescue angels knew that Jessie’s true value could not be measured in dollars and cents.   

I am feeling much better.  I am staying with my foster mom and dad and my foster sister, Maggie.  Maggie is a little younger than me and she is a lot of fun to play with.  I’m still not sure of what is expected of me, but I am learning.  Like not to jump on humans, but to sit and wait for them to pet me.   That’s very hard, but I am really trying.  My foster Mom and Dad tell me I am a very good girl and that makes me feel special.  They tell me I will be meeting a family very soon who will love me forever.  I hope they’re right.  I am getting tired of running.

After a couple of weeks with her foster family, Jessie was ready to meet her new forever family.  Jessie was still a nervous and unsure, but she really wanted to please the humans in her life.   

The humans in this family seem to be very happy that I am here.  Besides my new mom and dad, I have two small humans and a new canine brother named Toby.  He is older than me and I am not sure if he is happy to see me, but I think I can get him to like me.   The two small humans are called Jack and Samantha.  There’s a big back yard I can play in and a big house to explore.  At night, Samantha said I can sleep with her.  Jack said I could see with him, too.  I’ll have to think about that.  It’s all so different, but I think I will like it here.  I hope I can stay.

July 2017

Hi! I’m Toby, Jessie’s big brother.  Jessie is busy guarding our backyard for possible invaders. (She calls them invaders but they’re just rabbits and lizards.) I gave Jessie the job of “Keeper of the Yard”.  I told her that she must be ever watchful for these invaders and then chase them out of our backyard.  Jessie says it’s a very important job and she loves doing it.  I’m so glad because it keeps her from chasing me around the yard, at least most of the time. 

 Although she can sometimes be a pain, Jessie has settled very nicely into our family pack. Everybody loves her and that includes me (except when she tries to “hog” all the attention or gets mad if I touch her pink dragon!)  Mom says Jessie is the sweetest girl and it seems like she has been a part of our family forever.  Don’t tell Jessie I said so, but Mom is right.  Jessie really is good company and fun to play with. 

Jessie doesn’t remember much before she came to live with us.  But she does talk about some people she calls rescue angels who helped her find her way to me, Mom, Dad, Samantha and Jack.  Jessie says she is going to have her picture in their calendar next year and she will be Miss October.   She thinks it because of her exceptional work as “Keeper of the Yard.”   Who am I to argue?!  


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