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daisy - Miss September

Rescued:        May 2016

Is it daytime again?  I wonder where my puppies are?  Is it time for food?  It痴 hot today. I hear dogs barking and some are crying.  I feel so sad. Sometimes I think my humans forget I知 here. I値l chew on the kennel bars again.  Maybe one day I値l break free.  I知 so hot and tired.  It will be dark soon.  Maybe I値l be able to sleep, or maybe I値l keep chewing on these bars. They are so very hard. I知 feeling sad again

In a puppy mill, dogs, both male and female, are simply tools for producing a product to sell.  Costs can be kept low as long as these 鍍ools get just enough food and water to keep them producing.  There is no need to provide additional care.  Replacement is easier and cheaper than maintenance. There is no need to show compassion to a 鍍ool or provide any level of comfort.  After all, it痴 just a tool.  

My kennel door is opening.  I don稚 understand.  I知 going away from here?  The humans are petting me and telling me everything will be okay.  I think they want to help me.  Is this what kindness feels like?  Look, my tail is wagging!   

For nine long years, Daisy was one of these 鍍ools.  As part of a puppy mill in Taiwan, she lived in a small kennel, continually producing purebred Golden Retriever puppies until a rescue group saved her in November 2015.  She was filthy, her ears were horribly infected, her teeth were worn down to almost nothing and she had a tumor on her mammary glands.  And yet, her sweet, gentle Golden spirit was still shining through.

It痴 so nice with my foster family.  The dogs who live here with me don稚 cry all the time like where I used to live. And I get food and clean water every day!  Best of all, these humans smile at me and give me lots of hugs.  I feel so much better and there are no bars around me anymore!        

Daisy痴 rescue story was just beginning.  In May 2016, after spending seven months with her Taiwan rescue family, Daisy and five of her fellow rescued Goldens made the journey to the U.S.A, where they were greeted by volunteers from Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.   Over the next three months, Daisy would undergo three major surgeries; two to remove numerous severely infected teeth, and one to remove another benign tumor.  Through all the changes and all the painful surgeries, Daisy remained the kind, sweet and gentle Golden who was rescued from that awful puppy mill.  If there was ever a dog that deserved a loving forever home, it was little Daisy.

The nicest people came to meet me today.  My foster mom is pretty sure they want me to come live with them.  She says it will be my forever home.  I知 not sure I know what that means.  Nothing is forever.  It痴 much easier to take each day as it comes. 

Jamie and Bryan, previous AZGRC adopters, were hoping to rescue another Golden, but one of senior years.  Their twelve-year-old Golden male, Dexter, needed a companion and their three-year-old son needed a gentle playmate.   With few teeth remaining and weighing only 52 pounds, sweet Daisy might just be the perfect Golden.

July 2017

Life is so wonderful!  Sometimes I feel like a puppy again!  I have a big house with lots of soft places for me to take naps.  I have a big, big back yard with lots of grass to run and roll in, and at night I sleep right next to the bed where my Mommy and Daddy sleep.  And there are no more bars, anywhere!  I can follow Mommy around the house and she never seems to mind.  I can play in my backyard, chasing balls my little brother, Jensen, throws for me.  I have lots of my very own toys that I don稚 have to share and I even get to carry around Mommy痴 sneakers! Best of all, I get lots and lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles from everyone in my family.   And the food!  It痴 absolutely the best!  I just can稚 seem to get enough, but Mommy insists there is a limit.  After all, I have to watch my girlish figure!   

Oh yes, I forgot we have another house that is near lots of trees that have squirrels!  It痴 nice and cool there and I like watching the squirrels and sometimes I get to chase them.  But I always stay close to home because that痴 where my family is and I NEVER want to lose them.  They are so very important, especially my Mommy.   I love Daddy and Jensen so much, but Mommy is my anchor.   I spent so long in such a small space, and the big world can be overwhelming.  But Mommy is there to keep me safe.  

When I first came to live here and was scared that I might have to leave again, Dexter told me I would be with his family forever, just like him and his brother Chip.  And you know what, Dexter was right.  I am finally home, forever!

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