Would you open your home to a Golden Retriever
on the way to their forever home?

Before the “purple halo” is ever placed on an AZGRC dog, there must first be a home that is willing to foster the dog.  Whether it is Golden Retriever that is on the euthanasia list at the shelter, or one that is being surrendered by a family, we need to know we have a place for it to go before we can bring the dog in.

This is why our foster families are so very important to us.  Without them being willing to care for these dogs, we wouldn’t be able to rescue as many Goldens as we do.  Opening up your home as a foster is one of the greatest gifts you can give a dog and we need your help so we can continue to rescue more of them.

As a foster, you become their transition point between a very difficult and often unpleasant situation to the happiness of finding their forever family.  You provide them with a safe and loving place to heal and learn to trust and love again. 

With the summer coming, we have an even greater need for fosters.  The shelters are already full with dogs that have been surrendered or abandoned due to the housing crisis and economic downturn.  Also many people decide to surrender their dogs before their summer vacations and we need to find short-term fosters to allow our current fosters to enjoy a well-earned vacation knowing their foster dogs are safe and cared for.

How do I get started?
apply online
Please fill out our online application, the easiest and quickest way to become a foster.  We will try to contact you within 3 days of receipt to start the review process, and answer all of your questions.  For more info, email info@azgrc.org.

download application
Or, you can download the application form and fax or mail the completed form back to us at  info@azgrc.org.  A volunteer will try to contact you within 3 days of receipt to start the foster process.

If you think you might be interested in fostering, please contact fosters@azgrc.org or call 602.870.0037 to learn more. 

Some of the
AZGRC Goldens
In Foster Homes


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