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Do you have a Golden Retriever that you can no longer keep?  Although it may be a very difficult choice, relinquishing your dog to AZGRC (or any of the other golden retriever rescue groups) gives him or her the best opportunity for a second chance at a happy life.  Although it is a difficult choice, it is also a gift of kindness and understanding. 

Here are our tips on how to start the process and what happens next for your dog .

  1. You should call us – Arizona Golden Retriever Connection – at 602-870-0037.  Please provide us with your name, phone number, reason for surrendering the dog, and how soon you have to give up the dog 

    If you prefer, you can e-mail us at with your name, phone number, reason for surrendering the dog, and how soon you have to give up the dog.  Include a digital photograph of the dog in your e-mail. 

    NOTE Did you know that we do not have a central 'kennel' to take the dog to?  We are an all volunteer, non-profit organization and all our 'rescue' dogs go into foster homes prior to being adopted.

  2. When we call you back (normally 24 hours or sooner) one of the 1st things we will need is a digital photograph of the dog if you have not already sent us one.  Our policy is for our board of directors to review all photographs prior to any commitment to bring the dog into our rescue. 

  3. Once we have agreed to take the dog, you will get a call from us to give us more details on the dog.  This information goes to our volunteers who will work on locating a foster home for the dog.

    NOTEDid you know that we normally don't have foster families 'waiting in the wings' for a dog?  Sometimes it can take up to 3-4 weeks to find an appropriate foster home for your dog. If your dog doesn't get along with cats we cannot put him/her in a foster home with cats.  If your dog isn't house trained we need to find a foster home where someone is home all day to start house training.

  4. When we've found a foster home, we'll give you a call to arrange a day/time for pickup.  This is when you will surrender legal ownership of the dog to AZGRC.

    NOTE:  Please understand that once you sign the Surrender Form, you will not be able to change your mind.  Be sure you have fully considered all of the consequences of your decision before signing this document.  There is no “grace period” and the dog will not be returned to you should you change your mind. 

    Your privacy as the surrendering family will be respected.  Similarly, we will also respect the confidentiality of the foster and adoptive families and will not share any of their contact information with you.

  5. Once we have picked up the dog, we will get him/her a 'wellness' exam, get him/her neutered/ spayed if needed, and get him/her a micro chip.  From there it's off to the foster home. 

    NOTE:  Did you know that we do not 'release' any dogs for adoption unless they are completely healthy as verified by our veterinary partners?

  6. When settled in foster care, we post photos of him/her on our website and have him/her available for 'meet and greets' with prospective adopters.  Our foster families have 1st chance to adopt the goldens they foster. 

    NOTEDid you know that all our fosters and adopters have undergone a screening process? 
    It includes a written application, personal interview, vet reference check, and home visit by an AZGRC member/volunteer, all ensuring that the person/family is ready for the lifelong commitment of caring for a Golden.

  7. Conducting 'meet and greets' is next – with any prospective adopters, we watch the interaction of everyone involved (dog and human) and look for the 'best' match.   In some cases we even allow 'sleep-overs' to help everyone decide yes or no.

Once your dog has moved to his/her 'new' forever home, you might think that this ends any involvement by AZGRC, but not so.  Our dedication lasts long after adoption day.  We follow up each placement to assist the adopter with any problems or concerns during the 'settling in' process.  All adopters sign a comprehensive adoption contract that includes a clause prohibiting the sale or transfer of ownership of the dog to ensure that he or she stays in the home or comes back to AZGRC.


Arizona Golden Retriever Connection is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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