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Matching leash and collar:  $20.    Training lessons: $100.   The look your dog gives you every time you grab your keys?  Priceless.  

No amount of money could buy the unconditional love our goldens give us each and every day.   It is with the generous support of friends like you enables us to continue our mission to find safe, loving, and permanent homes for unwanted golden retrievers in Arizona.  Through planned giving options, we make it easy for you to support our mission, now - and in the future

Bequests in Wills and Living Trusts
A bequest in your will or living trust is an uncomplicated way to help protect animals.  A bequest may take several forms. It can be specific sum, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after expenses and gifts to loved ones. Bequests can include cash, securities, real estate, houses, and personal property such as valuable collections, art, or jewelry.

Living trusts are a popular choice because the terms of a living trust, unlike a will, can be put into effect immediately upon your death, bypassing probate and keeping the terms private.

When you include AZGRC in your will or living trust, you will receive special recognition in our monthly newsletter, and on our website, even if you wish to remain anonymous.

For more information about leaving something to AZGRC, please contact us at 602-870-0037, or email us at

Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You
Even though it’s difficult to think about, you may have planned for your golden retrievers passing. But what if you are the one who becomes ill or incapacitated, or who dies first?

As a responsible pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, veterinary care, and love. To ensure that your golden will continue to receive this care should something unexpected happen to you, it's critical to plan ahead.  Learn what steps you can take to plan and provide for your pet's future using the humane societies guidelines.

Celebrate and Honor People and Pets By Donating in Their Name
With a donation of any dollar amount, we'll send a personalized greeting card from one loved one to another, pet or person, in honor of your donation. The possibilities are endless, and your donation will help AZGRC continue it’s mission to find safe, loving, and permanent homes for unwanted golden retrievers in Arizona.

Send an AZGRC Tribute

Want to send a greeting to a special someone? Through “AZGRC Tributes” you can celebrate any person, pet, friend, or occasion.

Send an AZGRC Memorial

They are devoted companions who give us their unconditional love and acceptance. For a pet caregiver, the loss of an animal friend can be one of life's most difficult experiences.

Making a donation to AZGRC is a personal way to honor the memory of a pet or person. AZGRC will send a card of sympathy to the person or family you designate, acknowledging your thoughtful donation.

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